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History was made in Knoxville last Saturday

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A few colleagues refer to Charles as an “encyclopedia” because he effortlessly drops knowledge about everything from football to classic films.

During this year’s football season, he’ll occasionally share plays he sees during the week that could or did make history. The play might be dramatic like the immaculate reception or awe-inspiring like a player that completes a catch in quadruple coverage. Regardless, it will be something that makes us say, “WOW.”

Also, look for Charles’ book recommendations in some of his posts. Popular for his love of books, he often swaps titles and authors with coaches and players during his travels.

Enjoy the posts and savor the football season. May YOUR favorite team make history of its own.



Charles played for the Vols from 1983 through 1986.

From Charles …

Last Saturday my ears, if not my eyes — I was in coach/player meetings getting ready for my NFL game in Green Bay — were on the highly anticipated Florida @ Tennessee game in Knoxville.

While there were times I winced as a former University of Tennessee football player and alumnus, I couldn’t have been more excited for head coach Butch Jones and his team.

Here is what truly made history — it had been 11 long years since the Vols beat the Gators!

As written by George Schroeder at USA TODAY Sports:

“Joshua Dobbs completed 15 of his last 24 attempts, for 319 yards and four touchdowns. He also ran for a score as the Vols eventually cracked the code to Florida’s talented defense. After giving up three long drives in the first half, the Vols’ defense stuffed Florida (despite missing several injured starters and a patchwork linebacking corps).”

For the complete story, you may read it here.

Football makes history each week. I hope it’s the good kind for your team when it plays next.

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