Russell Wilson entered NFL with, and now demonstrates his talent

I believe that Russell Wilson’s “intangibles” are what put him over the top in the pre-season race for the starting quarterback job in Seattle. Those qualities include: leadership; intelligence; a strong will to win; and tremendous belief in team and self.

Make no mistake – he’s got talent

What should never be overlooked is Wilson’s latent talent. He has a strong arm, good speed, exceptional quickness, and here comes another “intangible” — a calmness that can help settle a team.

His numbers have not been earth-shattering to date (151 yards passing, 1 TD 0 INT; 28 rushing yards on four carries vs. Dallas), and Seattle as a team thoroughly outplayed the Cowboys on Sunday, but in most every league we know, the bottom line is your team’s record. Seattle is 1-1 heading into Week 3 of the season, and believes its best games are to come.

Height argument doesn’t hold weight

As for Wilson’s height still being an issue, my words of caution are simple: we cannot praise him for “overcoming his height” when the Seahawks win, nor blame him for “being so short” when they lose. When Drew Brees tosses four interceptions and the Saints lose, is that because of his height? If that’s the case, then how did he ever set the NFL record for passing yardage in a single season (breaking Dan Marino’s long-standing record — no height issues there)?!

In case you’re wondering, Brees is approximately 1.5 inches taller than Wilson (if that much).

I think we are getting closer to the day when a QB’s height will get pushed farther down the evaluation chart, and pure production (and better offensive creativity) will move up on that same list.


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